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Looking for First Aid training to be delivered at your workplace? Simple. The Safe Kit with thousands of hours experience delivering accredited First Aid Trainings to schools, organisations and retail stores have got you covered. Let’s Talk.

How to select a course?
Browse through the website and select the course or service you would like. Learners must read the content of the course to ensure it is suitable.
How to book a course?
Learners can select and book any course or service directly by completing the booking form on our website or telephone us.
What I need to book a course?
You do not need anything to book a course. Once payment has been made and confirmed, Learners can attend their choosen training.
Do You Offer Online Courses?
Yes, We provide online courses.
How Do I Book Early Years Consultancy Service?
Telephone the office to discuss your requirements with an Early Years Consultant.
When Do I Get My Certificate?
Learners will receive their certificate within two weeks upon succesful completion of the course.