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Early Years Consultancy

Given our background as an Early Years Professional and a qualified Early Years Consultant, we provide support to early years settings to improve practice and enhance the children’s learning and development. We support early years settings to improve their practice and enhance the children’s learning and development.

Our Mission

At the safe kit, our aim is to continuously improve the quality of care and education for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), in line with government guidance for all the seven ‘Areas of Learning’ using the methods below;

Evaluating and assessing practitioners in a setting are highly skilled and qualified;
Supporting practitioners in developing their practices and setting targets for improvement.
Helping parents recognize high quality early years care in order to ensure their own children are receiving it;
Championing and promoting home learning among parents of early years children;
Working with local authorities to improve early years systems and putting processes in place.

Early Years Consultant Training
Early Years Consultancy